Our Teachers

 In Rebecca's "spare time" she loves to snuggle her baby!  

In Rebecca's "spare time" she loves to snuggle her baby!  


Rebecca helps women practice yoga in a meaningful way so they can live happier, more peaceful life. In 2010 Rebecca discovered she spent her time being polite instead of owning her unique feminine wisdom and energy. Yoga helped her transform her into a truth speaking machine. 

In the summer of 2013, Rebecca decided to become a teacher and receive her RYT-200 Certification in Cahuita, Costa Rica. Being around other strong and courageous women inspired her on a deep level. Going to class you can expect to be treated with respect and care. You will sweat but you will also restore and "unplug" from your daily worries. Rebecca has a Master's Degree in Music Education and she loves to incorporate mantra and singing into her class flows.  



Allison was introduced to yoga in 2011. Leading a physically active life through sports, running, and weight training she found that yoga was the perfect way to compliment her active lifestyle. She enjoys the balance between strength and flexibility in a yoga practice on and off of the mat. Her love for yoga and a healthy lifestyle grew as she found her strengths and weaknesses in her own practice. She believes in creating a practice that is accessible to everyone. Yoga is meant to be challenging, but the difference is in the details. When we understand better - we do better. After having her second child, the time was finally right. She embarked on the next portion of her yoga journey and completed her yoga teacher training certification in 2018. She shares a true passion for practice and creates positive space for all participants to find movement that is true to themselves. 


RYT 500, Advanced Theta Healing Teacher & Healer, Reiki Master

Felicia is the owner of The Healing Clinic of Fort Walton Beach. She has been of service to those along the Emerald Coast since 2001. Felicia shares of love of life, knowledge and connection through Yoga, Reiki and ThetaHealing. She found yoga through her own personal journey of healing and transformation. The benefits of yoga were too great to keep to herself, which is why she devotes her life to sharing the benefits of yoga as her life and livelihood. She has studied many styles of yoga and is certified as an Master Teacher of yoga through Yoga alliance.  

Her passion for Yoga shines through her words, her actions and her teachings. Join her each week to becoming EN-LIGHTENED & EN-LIVENED. Her practice is challenging, fun and accessible to all. Her laughter and joy are infectious. To learn more about Felicia visit. www.thehealingclinicfwb.com