A Women's Yoga Retreat in the Mountains

Coming Soon in 2019…

Join us for an amazing yoga retreat at the Elohee Retreat Center in the North Georgia Mountains. 

Do you want to deepen your yoga practice and decompress from your daily grind?

Do you want to be healthier in mind, body, and spirit? 

"Elevate: A Women's Yoga Retreat" is for you. 

Imagine waking up to the sounds of a waterfall. You enter the yoga studio where the morning light is just coming in. You move into a brightening and enlivening yoga sequence. Afterwards you slowly sip your hot tea/coffee and savor a delicious and hearty breakfast prepared by Elohee's chef. After breakfast you sit in a non-judgmental sisterhood circle to share and connect. You start to relax... After lunch you take a hike, enjoy the fall colors, the fresh mountain air, and the sights of the mountain peaks. You then rest your legs by the fire...

Join us for a weekend of yoga, conscious hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, fireside meditations, women's sisterhood circles, and delicious and organic cuisine in the intimate of setting of the Thanksgiving House at the Elohee Retreat Center. This retreat is limited to 10 people. Be inspired by nature and like-minded women. Connect to a community of women and most importantly, yourself.

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Dine by the Fire

Enjoy delicious meals and conversation as you listen to the sounds of the waterfall and nature.

 Elohee Retreat Center is a gorgeous facility located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the town of Sautee Nacoochee, GA. It is in this spirit that we translate El’-oh-hee as “sacred earth place.”  In Cherokee, ElohÏ combines the roots ela or elo, meaning earth, and hÏ, place.  From the ancient Hebrew, we have Elohim, invoking the sacred. We will be staying in the cozy Thanksgiving House where all of our meals will be lovingly prepared by the Elohee chef. http://www.elohee.org/

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Stay at the Thanksgiving House

The Thanksgiving House was the original structure at Elohee. In addition to six bedrooms and four bathrooms, it offers two community rooms with fireplaces, a kitchen and dining room, as well as a meditation/yoga room. The outdoor patio has its own fireplace and overlooks a 100 ft. waterfall and small pool.

The Thanksgiving House is nestled in a Rich Cove Forest niche which supports a wide range of trees and plants.  Red maple, oak, basswood, and poplar are only a few of the types of trees growing here. Spring wildflowers and medicinal herbs flourish here. Mosses and rotting logs make the damp forest floor suitable for a wide variety of salamanders and one of the most diverse ecosystems found outside of the tropics.

Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia is about a 7 hour drive from Fort Walton Beach, FL.  It is a 2 hour drive from the Atlanta airport. Rebecca will gladly help you arrange a carpool from the Fort Walton Beach area if you're interested. Rebecca will also help arrange pick-up if flying into ATL. 

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Locally sourced food...

Eat healthy. Feel good.

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Wake up to this...